Terri Bernacchi


Terri Bernacchi, PharmD, MBA

Terri Bernacchi specializes in managed markets, compliance, contract management and strategy, formulary and rebate pricing support, and operational execution for the life sciences industry. She has an extensive background in managed care and business process services for pharmaceutical companies, health plans, PBMs and ACOs.

Her particular expertise includes assisting clients with a myriad of managed markets agreements between manufacturers and their trading partners:  payers, PBMs, coupon card vendors, 340B, Medicaid or Medicare Part D, GPOs, health systems or specialty distributors.  She is familiar both with high-level strategy and the detail elements involving manufacturer discount or rebate contracts with payer or provider entities.  

She is versant in all elements of the data transactions between pharmacies, payers, PBMs, and providers, particularly those associated with the National Council of Prescription Drug Programs as well as the business processes, data systems, and challenges associated with health plans, medical and hospital providers, including Electronic Medical Records, prescribing systems, and Population Health parameters.

Terri brings several decades of senior management experience with provider, payer and pharmaceutical suppliers. She has led numerous training sessions and workshops, spoken at industry conferences and published various articles and numerous white papers over her 30 + year career.  She founded Innovative Health Strategies, a technology-enabled business solutions provider that supported manufacturers regarding rebate and pricing agreements. She sold the company to IMS Health in 2007.  Previously, Terri worked at BCBS of Wisconsin, where she oversaw pharmacy services, worked with employer groups, managed manufacturer rebate contracting, managed the pharmacy network and chaired the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee.  Her other professional experience includes working for an Integrated Delivery Network, as a pharmaceutical sales representative, and as a clinical pharmacist in a teaching hospital as well as additional retail experience. Terri has a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an MBA from Keller and a PharmD from the University of Florida-Gainesville.

She is a member of a variety of professional and business associations, including HIMSS, AMCP, NCPDP, and the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin.

Today, Terri is focused on projects engaged as a consultant under Cambria Health Advisory Professionals through key partner companies, acting as a senior advisor and subject matter expert for special projects.  She is currently focused on “Safety & Medical Effectiveness” projects spawned by SME Health Systems;  she is evangelizing its value proposition to both the provider and payer community as well as with manufacturers.  These projects enable the parties to focus discussions around the value of products (devices or drugs) rather than just pricing concerns and provide for local engagement  with  provider decision makers through value-based contracting & “real world evidence” projects. 

Email Terri at Terrib@healthadvisoryprofessionals.com