A Different Kind of Advisor….

purplefeathersidetransparent  Cambria Health Advisory Professionals represents a small network of experienced health care, technology and business professionals who come together to provide expert thought leadership, hands-on project management, and advisory support to unique projects associated with pharmaceutical or device manufacturers, health plans, or health providers.    In most engagements, the principals are brought in as Subject Matter Experts with other consulting firms or internal teams who have been given a project objective, timeline, and deliverable.  Conversely, we may augment our team with other experts to bring your project to a successful and on-time completion.cropped-dreamstime_xl_43212591-2-e1477083044721.jpg

The etymology of the word Cambria is from the Welsh word for “Wales”, which is where we got our start. (Wales, Wisconsin that is!)  It also means “the people” which is fitting with our philosophy and experience.  We have found that business is intensely personal, and in health care, it is all about the patient, the professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and more) and people of high integrity who work to bring care to all of us.  For the past forty years, we have also worked with a large number of fine, honest and capable people from the pharmaceutical and device industry whose prime focus is bringing value to the customer.

While our clients and Cambria are each ultimately geared toward the individual patient, we share common values with the people in our client companies:  health plans, pharmaceutical or device companies, and providers.